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In 1985, Gonzales Construction Company, Inc. was formed to provide outstanding services in the construction arena focusing on rising above and beyond the expectations of quality.

With Gonzales Construction Company, Inc. past performance says it all. Initially focusing on street and road contracts in 1985, the Company soon expanded into a full-service construction firm with capabilities that span heavy construction, and general construction. The company now specializes in highway construction with an emphasis on guardrail, highway safety systems, and Rumble Strip Grinding.

The expertise contained within GCC's primary team
  has been well utilized on projects from Arizona,
    Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.
      Headquartered in Southwestern Colorado, the
        company is able to promptly mobilize its key
          personnel and equipment to undertake projects
            outside of the immediate area thus providing a
              variety of services to Federal agencies and
                the private sector, alike.